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A New Way Of Teaching And Learning – Based On A Theme

There was a time when a classroom was considered as one of the most boring of places; the teacher taught a certain subject, wrote about it on the board, and the children listened and took down notes. While most of the classroom teaching is still considered as boring by many, especially the younger students, a lot has changed in the way teachers and educationalists look at the entire teaching process itself. A classroom cannot just be seen as desks and chairs, and chalk and boards, but becomes much more when the teaching process as a whole undergoes a total change.
Theme based teaching is a relatively new concept. Earlier, students were expected to just listen to a teacher teaching, and learn from what the teacher had to say, but now teaching has become a process where the students are also involved and they become a part of the entire process. For instance, a three or a four-year-old child will not be expected to sit still and look at what is being written on the board, and the same can be said about a 22-year-old. Therefore theme based teaching makes the teaching process interesting and easy to understand and comprehend. No longer is learning a boring affair, and now the entire learning process becomes fun and exciting.

How Does Theme Based Teaching Help Students?
Theme based teaching basis itself on utilizing the curiosity of a child. Children are curious by nature, and the teaching process incorporates this concept in its methods and techniques and makes the child learn through his or her curiosity. Preschool children are relatively young and need to be continuously engaged. They can get bored very fast and need something to excite them especially when it comes to the learning process. So theme based learning is a method centering a particular syllabus or curriculum around a specific theme or topic, and this will make the entire learning process a lot more relevant or pertinent for the students. The idea is to make the lesson or topic exciting so as the keep the children engaged in it. This can be a bit of a challenge for educators who are used to the old and conventional method of classroom teaching. Many educators and teachers feel the need for discipline and being in control, and having a rigid schedule and they may not be happy about letting go of the control that they would otherwise be able to have on students. The most significant benefits of theme based teaching are that theme based education makes the children more confident and they enjoy the entire learning process.

Teaching across curriculums is something that a few schools choose to do, and they focus on a specific theme for several days at a stretch. A theme based method of teaching is vital when the skill set that is imbibed in the National curriculum is used and combined into the lessons that are taught. Having theme based learning methods are a good idea for children in preschool because it can be interactive and can involve real-life practical activities.

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