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The Importance Of Learning Outside The Classroom

A recent survey conducted on high-school students revealed that 33% of the students said that they learned something interesting in the last few days, while 20% students agreed that they had lots of enjoyable moments in the last few days. These findings, along with other surveys on classroom teachings concluded that students do better with activity or curiosity-based learning.

The concept of field-trip was introduced in the education system a few years ago. Before that, education was mainly confined to classroom teaching and taking tests and exams. Today, the scenario has changed a lot that students are required to improve the interpersonal skills, self-awareness and communication skills. This is the reason why learning outside the classroom has gained more importance. It is evident that students can learn easily and acquire many skills through outdoor activities. Out-of-classroom experiences can be great lessons to the aspiring students.

Some parents, administrator, and educator may fear that outdoor activities can make the students lose their focus in classroom teaching. But according to a recent study, outdoor experience and activities helps the students to stay more focused in the classrooms, and also enhance their other skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and reasoning. Work or practical-based learning helps the students to improve their positive thinking.

For example, if you take a high school student who has excelled in academics, he or she is more likely to spend some quality time in sports, clubs and some extra-curricular activities. This student is able to manage the time for various activities and still able to achieve top grades in the academics. Taking part in various works and activities helps the students to enrich their minds to the great extent.

Just scoring high marks in the exam alone won’t make a good candidate for the current job market. Today, the competition in the job market is soaring so high that potential job seekers are required to have more skills in addition to the academic awards. In order to be a competitive employee, one should hone his or her communication skills, decision-making skills, teamwork/management skills, and other interpersonal skills. Acquiring or developing such skills are not possible with classroom teaching and exams.

Only by doing work practically or actively participating in various events and mingling or teaming up with other people, one would be able to develop his or her talents and skills required for employment or typical work environment.

There is much difference in playing the football games on the computer and in real. Though both electronic and live version of the games has the same rules, playing the actual game in the field requires stamina and willpower. This is the reason why classroom teaching is not at all sufficient for the preparing to the students to tackle the issues and challenges in real life.

Work experience allows the students to get quickly prepared to face real life problems. Through outdoor activities, the students will learn many things without their knowledge. The purpose of the article is not to highlight the negatives of the classroom teaching, but to stress the importance of outdoor learning. Students have a better chance of excelling in academics and real-life with the perfect balance of classroom and outside classroom learning.

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