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How Theme Based Teaching Can Be Beneficial For School Children

One of the best-known proverbs of all time is “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Many children begin their education at a very early age, and from then on, education invariably implies classrooms, blackboards, and exams. While old-style methods of teaching are often easy for the teacher because it is a standard type of teaching, it can make the entire process of learning dull and boring. A new concept in the methodology of teaching has been that of theme based teaching, where the learning process is more oriented to the way a child relates to it. As such, children have two very important character traits and that is curiosity and excitement. The most significant benefit of a theme based teaching process is that it be useful for both educators and children.
By channeling interest and enthusiasm in the right way and inculcating it into the learning process, it is possible to make learning a method that is far different from having to be bored about having to learn a particular topic or subject. As far as theme based methods of teaching are concerned, it has several advantages over the traditional and standard classroom based teaching methods. Some of the benefits of this type of teaching method are that it is able to assist an active learning and teaching process. It is also able to initiate what is known as learning skills that can be transferred as in a kind of working together as a team. This also helps the child to incorporate life skills like working in a team so that he or she will understand the value of getting a job done or a target accomplished. Another big advantage of theme based teaching methods is that it helps kids to see how topics and subjects are linked to one another. The entire process is meant to make children excited and curious about knowing more about a particular subject.

How Theme Based Learning Is Different From Conventional Teaching Methods
The theme based model of teaching is diametrically opposite to the kind of teaching method that is usually followed as a standard method of teaching in most schools where a subject is taught for about an hour every day. Unlike this, theme based method of teaching is meant to make the children curious and wanting to know more about a particular topic, and it could be mathematics, science or history. It has also been understood that children are able to learn a lot better when there is something exciting or engaging. By channeling a child’s curiosity in the right direction, it is possible to make children understand a particular topic or subject. Therefore it can be stated that teachers no longer have to conform to conventional standards of teaching like they used to earlier, where they had to follow a particular timetable that was hourly and rigid. Instead, they are given the option of being able to link and combine lessons, thus giving the children a chance to think, or rather, to imagine and help them understand a particular subject without having to be bored about it.

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