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Classroom Teaching – Exploring New Methods Of Teaching

There was a time when the entire concept of learning was based on classroom teaching when teachers where assigned a particular time for a particular subject. However, this method of teaching, especially for younger children, is not considered as the best as it is unable to make children interested in the subject. Moreover, there is always a tendency among children to lose their attention after a certain period of time.

Teaching on the basis of themes is a new concept that is quickly catching on. Educators have become aware of the fact that children will learn well when they are engaged and curious or excited about something. The idea behind theme based learning is to take a particular topic or subject and apply all the knowledge, the values and the ideologies of several subjects through this particular topic. This method of teaching is exceptional because unlike the standard method of teaching, this teaching technique cuts across subjects and is able to bind several subjects under a particular topic. So if a particular curriculum is taken, the main concepts of a specific area of the curriculum have to be taken into consideration, and this is connected to the theme that has been selected. Such a method will also help to set a wide range of learning goals. Teachers will be able to help students to develop the skills that are necessary and make the lesson exciting and creative so that the children will be able to enjoy the lesson, and learn at the same time.

Theme Based Techniques For Better Learning
What many preschool teachers don’t comprehend is that the use of theme based learning units allows for a synchronized technique to handle the process of educating and learning. With this technique, kids will easily be able to connect to experiences in real life. When a topic is mentioned, they will be able to relate to this topic based on what they already know. From a teacher or educators point to view, theme based techniques of teaching can help teachers to make students interested in a particular theme or topic, and it will help them to facilitate the entire learning process in their own way.

The theme based method of teaching is able to incorporate many branches of knowledge under a common theme. Because it cuts across subjects, children are able to understand that subjects can be connected to each other through this common topic. It also helps children to think on their own and come up with a logical thought process about certain subjects. This entire process makes the entire experience very significant for the young student. This method of teaching and learning helps the child to understand his or her own special strengths, and look for new and interesting ways of learning a particular subject or topic. They can also make use of the various skills that they have assimilated with the Montessori approach of teaching. On the whole, this method of teaching is useful for children because it will help them to acquire critical thinking skills, life skills, and academic skills.

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