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Why Is More Importance Given To Classroom Teaching Than Online Teaching?

With the improvements in the technology online teaching or tutoring has become and many educational institutes have started to follow it. But the conventional classroom teaching has not lost its significance. This is because there are various benefits of classroom teaching compared to the virtual ones. Classroom teaching creates a substantial impact on the students and the teacher. The following are some of the unique benefits of classroom teaching.

Platform For Collaborative Learning
A classroom is a perfect platform for collaborative [G43] [G44] learning with other students. A classroom environment gives an opportunity for group learning. This would let you know about how different students learn, and this promotes collaborative learning. This transforms the students into keen learners. Collaborative learning would help to learn effectively.
Promotes Critical Thinking
Teachers encourage students to take part in live discussions. This makes the students think and improve their critical thinking capability. Students who take part in the discussion come up with various unique opinions which give a broader view of the subject.

Improves Interpersonal Skills
In online coaching, you would not have the chance of interacting with other students. Classroom teaching cultivates the interpersonal skills among the students as it fosters interaction inside a classroom environment. [G53] Classrooms also make sure that you develop a good rapport with your teachers. This would be of great help for your future. You would even master the various social skills required for facing the society.

Promotes Organization Skills
Classroom environment gives an excellent opportunity to build your organization skills. You would understand the importance of punctuality as you have to reach the class on time. You would become more responsible and accountable to your duties as you submit your assignments and complete homework on time. They develop the skill of managing their time and begin to work based on a schedule. All these organizational skills acquired through the classroom environment would be of great help in the future.

Flexible Teaching Style
Every student has their capabilities, and it is possible for the teacher to change his or her teaching style based on the requirement of the students. A classroom environment makes it possible for the teachers to know the feedback from the students. This makes it possible for the teachers to know if the student is clear on the things that are taught. Students also get an opportunity to clarify their doubts immediately.

Stimulates Students
A classroom environment keeps the student stimulated, and they do not feel bored. You get a chance to interact, and this makes the classroom session lively and exciting. The group [G60] [G61] [G62] activities that you perform keep you engaged and help to understand the subjects in a better way.[G63]

Develops Career Building Skills
Certain skills like problem-solving skills, presentation skills, leadership skills, and several others can be improved by being a part of the classroom coaching. Classroom coaching plays an essential role in promoting communication and listening skill which is required for the career of the students. Classroom environment helps in developing the team spirit of the students as they work on groups.

As you all know that there are various benefits of online teaching but it is true that it can replace the role played by classroom teaching.

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