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Why Is Active Learning Better Than Other Old Educational Methods?

Active learning is entirely different from the traditional classroom learning method which is passive and not interactive. Students do not get engaged in the teaching and learning process when the old educational methods are followed. This has made it necessary to look for alternative teaching methods which are active and more engaging. Active learning thus helps in keeping the students engaged and makes the learning process enjoyable. Thanks to the potential of technology that has made it possible to make learning active.

Active Learning Vs. Classroom Learning
In classroom learning a teacher facilitates and the students listen to the teacher and take notes. You just read and write inside the classroom. This does not create a significant impact on the students in the learning process. It is a passive method of learning. In active learning, you read, write and discuss the subject. Thus you get an opportunity to engage in the learning process actively. There are several benefits of active learning compared to that of classroom training. Thus several top universities have started to implement active learning as a part of their teaching methodology.

What Is Active Learning?
Education has seen various changes and technology has played a vital role in the development of the latest teaching methods. Active learning is mentally active learning which keeps the students engaged. It is a flexible type of education where the teacher or lecturer can choose a preferred kind of teaching style based on the need of the student. In this learning, the teacher acts as a facilitator and helps the students in the various activities performed by them.
Active learning sessions involve discussions, presentation, feedbacks sessions, practical study, etc. This makes the students get more interested in the subject. It also makes it easy to understand the difficult concepts easily.

Active Learning And Online Learning
Online learning has incorporated active learning in various course modules. It is challenging to implement active learning strategies for all subjects. Subjects like science, technology, management, etc. can be taught through online learning along with active learning strategies. Though there are several challenges faced in online learning methods yet, popular institutions try to incorporate it as their primary teaching methodology. The primary problem that faculties face is that online learning lacks synchronization as numerous students are taking up the course around the world.

There are various benefits of active learning for both the teachers and the students. Teachers feel that active learning is better than other types of traditional educational methods followed. It is an effective learning strategy as students can understand tough concepts easily. Teachers and instructors involved in active learning learn things that are new during the teaching process. Students get to grasp things quickly when they experience things and feel them. It is a perfect approach where the students get an opportunity to know about the various tools of learning.
Thus it is evident that active learning has a lot to offer for both the students and the faculties. The benefits have made this learning method to be incorporated in world-class universities. Thus active learning is better than traditional educational methods.

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