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Role Of Technology In The Teaching Methods

With the advent of latest technology, it is possible to bring changes to the current education system. Online learning and virtual classrooms are some of the recent developments that are being incorporated in popular schools and universities. There are also various digital learning tools, smart classes that have improved the quality of education. Computers, tabs, laptops, etc. are used in the classroom environment, Technology has offered various benefits for both the teachers and students, and thus it is essential that you know the significant role played by it.

Virtual or online learning
Several universities currently support online education or virtual classrooms. This type of education is flexible and offers to supplement classroom sessions. This makes it possible for students to take up part-time courses. Online learning materials would be useful, and it helps in the learning process. Online learning offers various other opportunities for students.

The following are some of the online and virtual schools around the world which make use of technology for learning.

Florida Virtual School: This type of online learning offers full-time courses for students studying various grades in schools. You get a combined learning opportunity by accessing several online courses of the Florida virtual school.

Utah Electronic High School: This is an old school that offers several courses to students throughout the year. This school provides diplomas for students, who are performing homeschooling and even for dropouts.
North Carolina Virtual Public School- This is an online school which offers a wide range of courses. All the classes are available online so students can take up the course based on their convenience.Several online schools are operated by the districts.

Karval Online Education: This is a public online school run by the district and serving the residents of Colorado. The district offers free computer and reimburses the Internet expenses so that it is possible for the students to access online course.

Campbell County Virtual School: This school is mainly for serving the Wyoming students. The students can apply for the loan for purchasing computers to take up the online courses offered by the virtual school. The district also provides reimbursement for Internet and other study materials like CDs and other resources. All these resources make the education interactive for the students.

Salem Keizer Online: This online school is in Oregon and offers an accredited program of Robert High School. This online school gives opportunities for students to continue with their studies. It provides round the clock tutoring service.

Blended Learning
This type of learning is a combination of both classroom learning and online learning. Blended learning helps to enjoy the benefits of both face-face education and virtual learning. The degree of online learning incorporated varies in various institutions. This makes it possible to satisfy the diverse learning styles of [G125] [G126] [G127] people. Blended learning offers various benefits when compared to that of the traditional learning methods.
Thus online learning with the use of technology has more significant potential to improve the quality and productivity of education. A perfect blend of classroom education and online learning can help students to achieve success.

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