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Learning Outside the Classroom And Its Benefits

Modern experts advise the parents to allow their wards or kids to learn more outside the classroom. Here, we should make note that “learning outside” is a broad term with no definite boundary. Outdoor play, environmental education, adventure, and recreational activities are some of the few examples to mention here. Learning outside is more motivating, realistic, and makes a significant impact on the students. Even the students, who struggle to learn the concepts inside the classroom teaching, would learn easily through out-of-classroom learning.

A classroom teaching is more theoretical, and in most instances, the students are required to mug-up things, rather than have a clear understanding. Outside classroom teaching helps the students to visual things really and gain a better understanding. Outdoor learning exercises the visuals, listening/hearing, legs, arms, and the entire body. The picture speaks thousands of words and we can remember anything that is expressed visually. Outside the classroom teaching stimulates the brain and helps the kids to stay more active.

With outdoor learning, the students are able to improve their communication skills, teamwork skills and develop more ability to tackle or face the real-life situations. Now let us list some of the significant benefits of outdoor learning.

· Develop interpersonal skills and the ability to act independently
· Improve creativity
· Minimize behavioral problems
· Stay motivated
· Better ability to tackle with uncertainties

There are many outdoor areas, where kids can spend their time having activities and learning. Now we will mention some of the types of outdoor areas.

School Grounds

This is usually a large outdoor area that is considered very secure because it is fenced and guarded adequately. This area is ideal for both formal and informal learning.

Local Environment

This is the area that is nearby or neighboring to the schools and homes of the kids. The local environment can provide a different and unexpected way of learning various things. Students can learn about street and landscapes, heritage site, parks, theatres, places of worships and many more.

Residential Areas

These areas that are packed with a significant number of adults and kids can offer a great learning experience to the students. Depending on the nature of the residential area, the kids can learn about various things such as fence, boundaries, car parking, using lifts and many more.

In the current scenario, we read news about the kids committing crime and suicides. These things happen due to the lack of emotional balance and negative thoughts. Classroom learning, which is confined within four walls and board will not address nor expose the negative behavior of the kids. Outdoor learning allows the teachers to gauge the emotional, mental and physical strength of the kids.

Though there are many schools across the country, not all of them equally emphasize the concept of learning outside the classroom. If you want to kid to have a better education, it is better to get admission to a school that focuses on outdoor learning. Before you finalize the school for your kid, have a look at its policy with respect to the outdoor learning. You can inquire your neighbors to get more opinion on this regard.

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