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About Josh

Josh B is an American educationalist, author, motivator and personality skills developer. Josh has several research papers on education to his credit. As a dynamic and intellectual person, Josh has been aware of the need for a change in the education system. While most people might consider getting an education only in the confirmed and standard methods, Josh has realized the need for having an alternate way of reaching out to students at the very young age. He also realizes that very young children should be able to utilize their curiosity and excitement for learning something new. While classroom teaching has always focused on the need for discipline and separate hours for separate classes, Josh has understood that there are better teaching techniques that work far more effectively in inculcating life skills to students and even help them learn without having to get bored. He believes that the theme based teaching technique is a wonderful way of helping children learn, by using their nature, which is one of curiosity and excitement to help them learn many subjects with the help of a common topic. He also feels that this way of teaching could be far more beneficial when compared to the traditional methods of teaching.

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